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How It All Began!

They say that “the mother of invention is necessity,” which could not be more accurate than with Flow-n-Go. In 2020, Inventor/Founder Shana Jenkins wanted to visit her mom in Las Vegas, but during the height of the pandemic, driving was the only option to ensure the virus didn’t visit her too.
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A man is cleaning the outside of a fountain.

The only other way to ensure Covid didn’t come along was to stay away from others. She packed a cooler and a bucket for, you know, necessities for her 21 hour journey. Everything went fine for Shana EXCEPT, you guessed it, the bucket. It was uncomfortable and had to be emptied and cleaned after each use. On a drive that far, you can imagine that she had PLENTY of time to think of a better way to take care of business. That is when Flow-n-Go was born! When she arrived at her mom’s house, she searched the computer to see if what she had envisioned existed. To her surprise, it didn’t! Multiple portable toilets were available, but nothing close to what she had imagined. After putting her idea onto paper, they went to the hardware store to get the supplies.

Shana’s visit had come to an end, and it was time to put the prototype to the test. With each use, she took notes of what went well and what did not. When she arrived home, she again put her ideas onto paper and created the next prototype. That process would repeat itself many times over the next two years. After a lot of research, developments, and testing, Shana is delighted to announce that Flow-n-Go will launch in 2024!

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Shana Jenkins CEO/Founder